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Project Management

A project manager is assigned to each build to collaborate directly with the client, design team and our superintendent. The project management team will handle any changes or scheduling conflicts that may arise in the field and ensure effective communication by relaying them to the client and franchise throughout the project's duration.


Each Falcon project has a designated site superintendent, a full-time employee who remains on site throughout the project's duration. Their constant presence ensures smooth, efficient progress by providing industry expertise and project familiarity. Superintendents utilize advanced technology to communicate transparently and in real-time with clients.

Construction schedule management

Our team will be responsible for finalizing and managing the construction schedule of your project, which involves ensuring timely delivery of materials and equipment, as well as appropriate staffing. We are fully dedicated to keeping your project on track as per the agreed timeline.

Franchisor Communication

Our project management team will effectively communicate throughout the construction procress.

Weekly coordination meetings

Our weekly job coordination meetings are essential to ensuring project progress and staying on schedule. We convene once a week to review project milestones, assign upcoming tasks, and keep all partners informed of each construction stage. By doing so, everyone stays aligned and up-to-date throughout the project lifecycle.

Efficient management of design changes

Occasionally it may be necessary to make design changes once construction has begun. When this happens we will work with the architects and engineers to swiftly make the changes and get the project back on schedule.

On-Time Delivery

We are dedicated to 100% completion on time.